I wait for a sign
For a moment or for a flicker
To nudge me along this path
There is a familiarity here
But I envision new surroundings
A groove that nourishes expressions of love, of joy
Of Pure Strength

I am open
Committed to being my truest self
Kinanâskomitin Creator of the infinite beauty
I am blessed
To live with intention

And Reflect

The radiance begins
It filters and traces spaces between each molecule that exists within and around me
Spaces in between what is and what is possible
These are the spaces of fear


I breathe life
I breathe a vision of me dancing exuberant in the sky
Dancing among Wawahtewa
Shimmering across the deepness of night
I open my wings like the Great Owl, spread wide
My face to the sky
My eyes twinkle and radiate,
Soft lines of laughter quiver across my face
Like turquoise and green dragonflies they leap and twirl in front of me
A cold and brilliant recognition
I remember you too

Ka nimihitochik pirouette
And I follow
A silent ethereal conversation
Expressing intimacy
Expressing gratitude
My offering to the infinite existences
To Creation

Luminosity tiptoes across my paleness
Reflecting nuances of all that makes me whole
And the land and love from which I was born
Accentuates the deeply grooved path of where I have been
A sparkle flashes a silver light on my purpose
The beams rest still for a moment
Illuminating the trajectory that will steer me home
Wawahtewa guides me

I am elated to unite with my ancestors in the vivid night

Kinanâskomitin for sustaining me
For guiding
Meandering alongside
As I learn

Kinanâskomitin for your patience
While I wandered
While I struggled
While I fought this linear mind that halts my spiral ascent
Into the space in between who I am and what is possible



Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Gladys Rowe is a Muskego-iskwew (Swampy Cree woman) of mixed ancestry. She is a part of Fox Lake Cree Nation in northern Manitoba. She currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her family. Gladys has been enamoured with the power of stories to connect and create spaces to build relationships with self and with the animate and inanimate world. She is currently completing her Ph.D in interdisciplinary studies through the University of Manitoba.

Artwork submitted by the author.