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What are your thoughts on Canada’s 150?
What do you envision for the next 150 years?
What does resistance mean to you? What does it mean to rise up? What does it mean to push back?

Check out Christi Belcourt’s piece for some inspiration:

I can cite for you 150
Lists of the dead
150 languages no longer spoken
150 rivers poisoned
150 Indigenous children taken into care last month
150 Indigenous communities without water
150 grieving in a hotel in Winnipeg
150 times a million lies
told to our faces to steal our lands.
I can cite for you 150
Forms of resistance
150 battles to the death
150 water warriors walking
150 naming ceremonies
150 ways we shake the ground with dance and song
150 tattooed expressions of sovereignty
150 times 2 million days faces were painted
with earth of this land.
I can cite for you 150
Summers coming of resurgence
150 thousand babies birthed in ceremonies
150 thousand status cards burned
150 thousand youth marching for water
150 thousand children with braids and feathers in their hair
150 thousand Indigenous words being spoken without English
150 summers coming
of Mother Earth calling out to our hearts
150 summers coming
where you too, will finally come to understand
the power and spirit of these lands and waters
as our ancestors have known and have been trying to tell you for 500 years.

#WaterIsLife #LandIsSacred #Canada150?


Christi Belcourt is a renowned Métis artist who is one of the co-founders of the project Resistance 150, in response to the commemoration of Canada 150. Follow the project at

Artwork by the author.