Until you change your way of thinking, you’ll always be sinking.

Be on the road to recovery, a vision of self discovery.

No storm lasts forever.

Sometimes you gotta endure the weather, in order to get better!

You need to find the right state of mind.

There’s no time to be unkind!

If you can’t be nice, you’ll pay the price.

Be inspired until you get what your heart desired.

Be dedicated to getting educated.

Intelligence leads to confidence in yourself.

Inspiration gives you determination.

Life is all about striving,

& You should be thriving!

Choose to plant the seed of success.

We are all being put to the test!

You need to do something productive,

Not something destructive!

Life isn’t all about competition,

That’s a superstition!

There’s always going to be someone trying to bring you down, so don’t frown!

Life changing experiences have the most meaningful occurrences.

It’s time to use your voice,

We all have a choice!

If you’re native, you should do something creative!

Why don’t you try something new?

You never know what it could do!

Why don’t you try meditation,

Until you reach your destination?

Keep working on yourself!

It’s good for your health!

Smile, even when you’re in pain.

You’ve always got something to gain!

There’s no need to stress when your life is a mess because you are truly blessed!

We need to stop being blind, you gotta open your mind!

With all do respect, we must protect

The land & waters!

This poem is just to get you thinking,

I don’t want to see you sinking!