By: Sona Morrissette

Desensitize, internalize

The words from the world

Let’s look at the bigger issue

What purpose does it serve?

To deny and pry blotting out the truth

Silencing the voices of our victimized youth

The young women, children, girls and men

Living in shame feeling less than

Comparing their insides

Gaining false pride

From selling our bodies, fighting in gangs

Selling our souls, just to fit in

No escaping, no more repression

We need to be honest

A statement not a suggestion

Let’s look at the truth and reconcile

Dwell in the pain for little while

See we live in a world that produces denial

All the murdered and missing files

Of Indigenous women and girls

Killed and exploited to the world

No care or fuck given by those in power

Their hands in our pockets

Making millions by the hour

Driven by a profit motive

That will get them ahead

Stepping on our poor

Keeping us dead

Cutting off our resources

Limiting our sources

To keep us in the hellhole that the colonizers put us in

Creating a dependency

Stealing our land

Every second every minute

Pushing us over as we stand

Trying to keep us in this cycle of intoxication

Not taking responsibility for the exploitation

Of our people living on the streets

Colonizing the world

Spitting at our feet

The oppression, suppression

Our people in depression

From the daily struggles we face

Truth and reconciliation happens everyday

Our people trying to recover from the wounded heart and mind

Standing up for our rights

No more pretending “it’s fine”

Our land has been taken

Our people still being killed

We may never know the answer to the spirit that is ill

Let’s take back our power and connect to our roots

Decolonize the mind and start living in our truth.

So how now do we move forward?

Let’s take back our power and stand shoulder to shoulder

So before you judge the color of my skin

Realize it doesn’t represent the spirit within

So colonizers, take a moment and swallow your pride

Take responsibility for the genocide

You did to our Indigenous people

Quit lying to others and lying to yourself

To protect your privileged rights, lives and wealth

Lets look at the raw facts and truth

Take the action and see what we can do.