Food costs up north
Makes malnutrition par for the course
It’s a long way from home

Or the days of hunting by horse
From seals for meals
To meals on wheels

I see a pattern of sorts
An agenda of corpse.
Not obvious to all
And it’s happened before
Starved off the land using hunger for war
The code may be morse

But the land that once was
Is now a divorce
Split apart by the greedy
Broken up by the cost now for feeding
Asking for answers, at the bedside he’s kneeling
What becomes a class war
When all he asks for
The food that his family is needing
The way it was, what used to be
Before the reckless deceiving
His necklass is heaving
Heart pounding and screaming
Then he weeps for the meaning
Just answer my question…

Aren’t we all human being?