I am the vulnerable

I am the deceived

I am cotton candy

on a hot summer day.


you are the deceit

you are the passion of me

you are the morning dew

on an overgrown lawn.


this is the ancient

this is the universe

this is the earth

and you are ok

if you call her your momma.


please take a piece of pie

please bite into a ripe apple

please spit out the laughter

caught inside of you.


sit and watch the parade

sit and light the pipe

sit and tap your hands

to the sound of me.


believe what you believe

believe in me and you

believe in the books

you have read.


walk to the ocean

walk up to your knees

walk and don’t look back

unless the moon is the

right colour.


play the guitar

play the slot machines

play with all of the wooden

toys made by Jesus.


cry for me

cry for them

cry for yourself

as the moon becomes

the right colour.


always smile

always repent

always play

always remember