I close my eyes and imagine a time when the land is untouched by civilization.

A place where our ancestors lived in harmony with Mother Earth.

I close my eyes, inhale the beauty of present life, and exhale the past that lurks within me.

I close my eyes and open my ears to the voice of my people still intact with their native tongue.  

I hear the distant sound of drums beating to the rhythm of my heart.

I close my eyes and smell the burning of sage cleansing the air around me.

I open my eyes and I am awake now.

I am exposed to the harsh reality my people are fighting to survive in.  

I witness the strength of a once-shunned culture.

I see the spirits of my ancestors shining through the leaders within my community, as they use their voices to raise awareness.

I hear the sound of generations breaking through the silence they were held captive in since the papers made us civilized.  

I hear the native tongue being sewn onto the future generations of my people.

I hear a Revolution.


When you find yourself at chaos with the world around you and within you, close your eyes.

Breathe in and out.

Inhale the present moment.

Exhale the past.

We are no longer victims or survivors.

We are the future of what was almost extinct.

Close your eyes,

Let go of the pain.

It’s time to move forward as one.

It’s time to begin listening to Mother Earth.

Open your eyes,

The time has come to awaken the pieces of our ancestors within.