By: Mary LeMaître

It’s not so hard

to extend the hand of friendship,

It’s not so hard to say you care,

to see in the other person

a real person

not because we believe it is so, but

because we have stopped to say hello

and seen the beauty of another’s soul

Nothing to fear

Nothing so different

Full of goodness and beauty

Just the same as mine.

I have heard your voice and it is beautiful.

I have heard your voice

and seen its long invisible pain.

Let us walk together

until both of us are well with each other again

until both of us see each other as we really are

brother and sister

family and friend.

It is hard for me to tell you all that wells up in my soul.

Know that I care about what you have been through

that I have seen the injustice

and felt your pain

and that I now

walk with you.

This wretched past

which is all of ours

I cannot change

but I can change the here and now

so that we may walk together

into a better future.