Artwork: “Family Tree” by Lisa Delorme Meiler.


I am a proud but troubled kid living in Central

I wonder what life would be like if things played out differently

I hear the names and comments people still say about me

I see life from a place not a lot of people like to admit

I pretend the things I lack or fear don’t bother me

I feel as if my effort doesn’t accomplish anything. In reality, it does.

I touch the hearts and minds of those I care about; either good or bad

I worry sometimes that I might not make it to tomorrow, that today could be my last

I am strong and resilient, but like any other human being, still vulnerable

I understand now that bad, terrible things will come to me. However, I also know that with them will come wisdom and appreciation

I say if you want something, go get it with as much vigor and focus possible. Fuel yourself off of those who oppose your goals.

I dream that someday, I’ll have my own family and we’ll live somewhere without constant fear and struggle

I try my best to work towards bettering myself and showing people they aren’t alone

I hope to be able to muster the strength and courage I need to always push myself and those I love

I am what I once dreamed of becoming


Jordan W. is a grade 10 ELA student from Winnipeg.


See also: “I Am” by Felicia, age 12.