Turquoise dominoes glisten
Opal fire wounds.
Reliefs stone open flesh
Rot smiling doom.

I love to hear my mother’s tongue,
Glottal beyond my ken.
Fragments pierce through the veil
To align the stars again.

White on the right,
Others take the black.
Bishops gaze kiddie corner,
Shrive mystic acts.

Roughly hewn, driftwood dice bear
The slough cast for sovereignty.
Survive ten-thousand fold,
In frigid civility.

I love the world beyond,
Where the spirits play.
The little people holding it all together;
This vicious masquerade.
This fiery landscape
Endures unto this day.
Till shadows come to dispel the hearth

And spirit us away.

Jamesie Fournier is an Education Assistant, a Research Assistant and a weary cook. He teaches in alternative schooling, studies decolonial education and makes a tasty burger. An Inuk from Yellowknife, NT, he enjoys how the stories of his culture create a bridge between the past and the narratives of the present. His short non-fiction piece, Children of the Strike, was included in the 2012 NorthWords publication Coming Home: Stories from the Northwest Territories. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, guinea pigs and fellow wayward fools.