The land is always showing us and teaching us the ways of life.

The land and animals are always reminding us how to live.

The trees remind us to stand tall and to be patient.

The grass reminds us to be persistent.

The fire reminds us that we are stronger when united.

The water reminds us to be open and accepting to the diversity in this world.

The wind reminds us that our voice can travel great distances.

The earth reminds us in many ways that we came from it and that we will return to it when we walk on from this life.

The caribou reminds us to unite as a nation of pride.

The wolf reminds us to love and protect our family.

The raven reminds us to be creative.

The wolverine reminds us to be resilient and always aware. The beaver reminds us to always conserve.

The fish reminds us to be transformative.

The bear reminds us to embody the spirit we all have inside.

Our land and our animals are out there, waiting to teach us these important values of life.

They depend on us just as much as we depend on them.

They come together in harmony
to deliver us a message that we all need to hear.

If you look deep into our land, you will begin to understand everything in a way you cannot imagine.

You will see and feel life in moments that will ignite the spirit within you,

and if you breathe and embrace the golden silence of our land you will realize that it has a song for those who listen,

a song of love.


Wade Vaneltsi recently took up writing to voice himself after getting out of university. He is a part-time music ghostwriter, loves learning about his culture and connecting with the land, but also loves teaching the youth about traditional knowledge and our people’s history.