The weight of the mountain fills me

Encrusted with ponderosas shaped by the winds

I stare off at undulating curves

Live between those curves


Wait for twilight to explode and disappear behind foothills

Follow clouds and the shadows they cast as they keep time on the earth surface

Wait for the mule deer with soft eyes and warm bodies to emerge between trees

Suddenly materialize from the yellowed grasses of the meadows


How many evenings and afternoons have I been captured by the on-fire lights of spider webs strung between grass leaves?

Watched white specks of bugs as they dance up and down on hot summer air

Smelled the pine and damp soil after an unexpected rain

Traced coyote, mouse, rabbit, deer, raccoon, and magpie tracks in shimmering snow


This is my home

I do not know if I deserve this subversive beauty

But I want it more than can be expressed with civilized words


Need the solace, the distance from false needs and artificial expectations

Cling to the healing of the land

Crush fringe sage like flower petals as I ride to check fences


This is my home

Where I abide

Close to nature, in these wide open spaces as long as I breathe