United we stand in polarization

Conservation of land mixed with globalization

Restrictions on border migration

In search of a broader life placement

What’s living, let stand

Mixed with clear cut for pavement

Blades of grass through the cracks

Where the crumbling concrete has aged since

Taken back, it is time we reclaim it

And men had their chance, using violence and force

With more women in power we’ll nurture our course

The worst that could happen may be the best we could do

That’s why we say mother earth

Carries your world in her womb

If your child means the world, this is what I assume

Left with the choice to protect or consume

Be a man of your word or be doomed

Instead, we’re ignoring projections that you’d think change our tune

Or at least strike a chord, hard to breathe through the plume

As the smoke fills the air another pipeline just blew

Left with reactive responses, results of inaction from environmentalists’ views

This is what happens, ignore if you choose

Things that make you confused

If it’s not black or white it’s grey and it’s replacing the blues

Where the fish used to swim and the birds could see where they flew

Fresh from the mountains, where the water cuts through

Trees sway with the wind, the only power that’s true

Earth, wind, water and fire, timing tides with the moon

If we further neglect, we are faced with what’s due.