I am from a house I am from a bed I am from a pillow and blanket

I am from the reserve of Bloodvein. It looks scary.

I am from the flower that blooms on my grandma’s window.

I am from the mash potatoes on the table for Christmas dinner.

From my foster mom saying “It’s going to be alright” when everything was horrible.

I am a little girl waiting for my next role.

I am from a culture of strong-hearted eagles and of strong women and strong singers.

I am from Winnipeg and my mom is from the reserve.

I am the bannock and stew at a celebration.

I am the drunkenness inside, my real mom telling me that my dad is dead.

I am the box in the corner with pictures that show more of what I am.

I am the eagle that soars across my reserve, helping my people through their sickness.

I am the dancer who dances for my people when they are about to die.

I am Grandmother Spider and this is my life.


Felicia is a middle school student. This is the first of many poems she has written. She is a jingle dress dancer and enjoys learning the traditional teachings.


See also: I Am” by Jordan W., grade 10.