there it goes

did you see it?


just pause for a moment

and look at what is around you:

the wing of a bird

the gentle scene of a river

the past, your past, our past.


but there it goes

and I never saw it:

the backward ceremony

the laughter and the tears

the good meal

the polite hug as the family mourned.


and if it goes

you will be a part of it:

the cat with a mouse

the butterfly caught in a web

the eagle with a small fish

the man and his gang of dogs.


so belong to it

as the days go into nights

and you wish for it:

the drunk man

the abused

the vanishing indians

the poor souls taken from this island.


this is what I belong to

and if I close my eyes

I can dream of it:

the portion of love

the smile of a child

the future that is the past

the only time I kissed a girl.


this is who we are

the people of the river

in our past

that sometimes

allows us

to see