By: Kiyano John Nguyen

The light vanishes

The dawn roars

The darkness flourishes

Two birds hear the interference of their mother-

silence embraces.

Soon the ground trembles

ears that listen run

eyes that see hide

than again begins tearing

the ground that unsheathes,

A beast from the West

Coast violating their presence.

Frightening any being that lives nearby.

Suddenly under the ground

another beast rises through the cracks

scaring the shadows of the people.

Mother nature has detected

dark impurities as her children cry’s

of pain-inflicting wounds cause no alarm


Nature acts on its own without control

creating wolves to slay the weapons of the beast

or to slay the beast within

with promises to protect her


Man must decide his destiny

and still if he chooses the hardest path?

knowing water is not renewable-

slay the beast within.

Vanish it to its old original intention-

to be one with mother earth

now it is no longer an impurity of choosing

but a child

of mother earth.