Modern Earth is left in a stunning dichotomy

Where the purity of nature holds hands

With the dirty excess of humanity

Days of summer spent enjoying the sands

Give way to fearing cancerous holes of insanity

Where a walk through the park will leave you

Breathing in air of poison

The poor fish you catch in your canoe

Swim in black, for your reasons

Where Mother Nature sometime forgets

When to change her own season


But they aren’t the only ones who suffer.


His own favourite medicine,

Man will taste.

There are kids who eat from their neighbour’s waste

And all of this because of man’s mistakes

However, Mother Nature is no silent victim

She punishes her children for her current condition

For earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, there is no signing a petition

Mother Nature says “Please my children, broaden your vision”


But still, the land, they continued to blight

With their eyes closed, and ears held tight,

Disappointed, at her children’s slight

Ignorant of their own existential plight.

For not all participated in their universal fight

Some worked against seeing, too short their sight.


It is not too late to heal this land.

To reclaim this fight from government hands

If we work towards a cleaner plan

Maybe there will be time left on Earth for Man.