Imagine giving someone a home to live in

Then they spit in your face and frequently misuse it

Yesterday I went on a walk and ate a piece of gum

I left that wrapper somewhere other than where it belonged

I turned around and subconsciously did the same to the gum

Walked along and began to hum

Noticing my surroundings, I began to open my ears

Something felt wrong and I began to fear

I didn’t think twice until now

I saw a little birdy had fallen down

Looking at a life taken far too soon

I realized what a mistake it was to the environment I always abuse

Friendly fire always has a price to pay

And yesterday I experienced that out of dismay


Imagine someone who provided you with everything you needed to survive

They used it all up and then put it into overdrive

Today I headed to the salon and insisted on driving my car

I couldn’t be seen walking past the locals from the country club bar

The car I drove uses far too much gas

Excess pollution especially when I drive fast

I know it was only 3 blocks but my tank was almost empty

Stopped at the gas station just to fill up the Chevy

I smoked a cigarette out of contempt

Realizing I had quit, I had put it out and began to repent

I had polluted the sanitary air that was fit to walk in

And wasted resources when I should have just been a pedestrian

Turned the car around and wishing I had learned from yesterday

I could only hope that tomorrow would be a better day


Imagine someone who takes someone else’s life intentionally

They show up to the funeral just to laugh at the distressed family

Tomorrow I plan ahead for the weekend and say

No wasting or littering on such a beautiful day

I went on a run and got ready to meet with my beloved mate

I wanted to look stunning but I had no intentions to fixate

I shower for an hour and then flat iron my hair just as long

I overuse my hair spray and play music with the tv on

It’s now 7 o’clock and I’m over an hour behind for this date

I’ve let myself squander in every way today but I can’t show up late

Tired of messing up, I said “What’s done is done” this week

I tried to do differently but unfortunately I have reached my peak

I began to unravel and get undressed by default

Too bad tomorrow wasn’t better but tomorrow I will fix my faults


Imagine if every day someone spent their day doing these things to you

The Abuse, The Greed, The Misuse, and The Deception of “I’ll Change For you”

For this is truly a case of what we like to call nature versus nurture

Being born to live, eat, breathe and sleep, but being deformed by this ugly culture

Unfortunately we have left Mother Nature behind to rot in her own dust

She will wreak havoc one day, on all of us

Continue playing the blame game or lying to avoid these problems

She will have no mercy for she has the power of a million green thumbs

On what grounds do we stand to hurt and mistreat something that is not ours?

No tower, bridge, monument, or man-made creation can rightfully take her power

Enjoy the days she lets us have left to live and flourish here

Because she has been crippled and severely wounded by the lack of despair