Battle crying but they can’t hear a thing

Screaming till my lungs collapse while

you see my ears bleed.

Cannot will not listen to the fiends 

wanna find a nice serene field 

to stop all the obscenity but the 

concrete jungle towers over me

thought i was done being mean

wanted nothing but to be clean

i felt like i couldn’t get the smell off me

so much negativity so no way to be free

couldn’t see the light of me cause i was drowning 

in a sea of stupidity,

kept swimming to the top just to get a peek cause the waters down below are murky from the grease of the pipelines preach.

wanted to swim up creek and down the stream

to our ancestors who are living peacefully

i could see them now, but it is not my time 

they feel the need to keep me here to be seen

as a fine that someone has to buy.

NO! i will not cry. not this time…

as i tell myself another lie…

each time i hold that sage to my face 

another tear quakes my rage. need to let it out,

but what is it about?

thinkin’ i don’t need this doubt


I need to light that smudge and bang my drum. 

maybe then i will be won, maybe then i will be able 

and i will have sung the song to his gun.

they tell myself again, not yet! keep going and the path will be set 

Ceremony is Coming back so get the land  

Before they come back with their weapons and dissect us from within. 

extinction is not our friend, we will not give in.